mercoledì 4 agosto 2010

Will and testament

In this post's comments you'll find all the links I shared until now. I decided to give them to you all because I don't want them to be cancelled (and this is something like 2 years of work), and also because, once more, I want to thank you all for your support to Zornography.
I don't know if this is an ending - surely it won't be a happy one - but I firmly want to go on spreading the work of this great composer. Hope you will get what you're missing.

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paloz ha detto...

Hi guys!

"BoA" is for Book of Angels (I added also the 13th)

[RS] is for RapidShare
[SB] is for Sharebee
[MU] is for Megaupload

If you wish, leave a comment. If you got questions, do the same.

Locus Solus:
Classic Guide To Strategy Vol 1,2:
Ganryu Island:
The Big Gundown:
News For Lulu:
More News For Lulu: part 1:
part 2:
Spy vs Spy:
Naked City:
Grand guignol:
Torture Garden:
Leng Tch'e:
Live knitting Factory:
Painkiller_Guts Of A Virgin EP:
Painkiller_Buried Secrets EP:
Filmworks I:
Painkiller_Rituals (Live):
The Art oF Memory:
Painkiller_Execution Ground:
Masada 1:
Masada 2:
Masada 3:
Masada 4:
Cobra Live Knitting Factory:
First Recordings 1973:
Nani Nani:
The Book Of Heads:
John Zorn-Masada Live:
Filmworks II:
Masada 5:
Masada 6:
Cobra Tokyo Operations:
Filmworks III:
Bar Kokhba: part 1:
part 2:
Masada 7:
Filmworks V:
Filmworks VI:
New traditions in east asian bar bands:

paloz ha detto...

Archery pt. 1:
pt. 2:
Filmworks IV: part 1:
part 2:
Filmworks VII:
Masada 8:
Euclid's Nightmare:
Angelus Novus:
Masada 9:
Filmworks VIII:
The Circle Maker:
Downtown Lullaby:
Masada 10:
The Bribe:
Music For Children: [RS]
Masada_Live in Jerusalem:
Masada_Live Taipei:
The String Quartets:
Taboo & Exile:
Masada_Live Middelheim:
Masada_Live Sevilla: [SB]
Xu Feng:
Cartoon S&M:
Filmworks IX: [RS]
The Gift:
Madness, Love & Mysticism: [SB]
Songs From The Hermetic theatre: [SB]
Filmworks X: [SB]
Masada_Live at Tonic: [RS]
Cobra [Game Pieces vol. 2]: [RS]
Masada_First Live 1993: [SB]
Hemophiliac: [SB]
Filmworks XI: [SB]
Filmworks XII: [SB]
Filmworks XIII: [SB]
Painkiller_Talisman: [SB]

paloz ha detto...

Masada Guitars: [MU]
Voices in the wilderness: [SB]
Chimeras: [SB]
Filmworks XIV: [SB]
The Unknown Masada: [RS]
50th 1: [SB]
50th 2: [SB]
50th 3: [SB]
50th 4: [RS]
Masada Recital: [SB]
50th 5: [RS]
50th 6: [RS]
50th 7: [RS]
Magick: [RS]
50th 8: [RS]
Naninani II: [RS]
50th 9: [RS]
50th 10: [RS]
Rituals: [RS]
Filmworks XV: [RS]
Sanhedrin (Masada): [RS]
Filmworks XVI: [RS]
BoA 1: [RS]
50th 11: [RS]
Masada Rock: [RS]
Sanatorium under...: [RS]
50th 12: [RS]
Filmworks Anthology: [RS]
Mysterium: [RS]
Electric Masada: [RS]
BoA 2: [RS]
BoA 3: [RS]
BoA 4: [RS]
Moonchild: [RS]
BoA 5: [RS]
Astronome: [RS]
BoA 6: [RS]
Six litanies for heliogabalus: [RS]
From silence to sorcery: [RS]
BoA 7: [RS]
BoA 8: [RS]
The Dreamers: [RS]
BoA 10: [RS]
BoA 9: [RS]
The Art of Memory II: [RS]
BoA 11: [RS]
The Crucible: [RS]
Alhambra love songs: [RS]
BoA 12: [RS]
O'o: [RS]
Femina: [RS]
BoA 13: [RS]

See you soon...

Willard ha detto...

Thanks for all your work.

Guillermo Eduardo ha detto...

hace poco comienzo a escuchar este estilo, haces un gran trabajo, veremos si me gusta, gracias.

recently beginning to listen to this style, do a great job, we'll see if I like, thanks.

Ochyming ha detto...

A huge thank you!!
And also to J. Zorn.

prahalad ha detto...

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centrifuge ha detto...

i didn't realise this blog even existed until after you'd packed it in... just the way these things go. thanks for the work you put in. hopefully it didn't just encourage people to rip off lots of stuff for free..! i say this as someone who has downloaded rips of zorn's albums AND who has bought many of them.

i don't know if you can help clarify something for me - i pulled your rip of the final *cobra* (tzadik all-star version), and your track list matches the one on allmusic - but not the one given on wikipedia, which is also the one listed on the tzadik website. it's very confusing because the "official" tracklist (as per tzadik and wiki) is clearly a cobra list, the titles are all "snake names"; and the titles on your rip are clearly not..! they look more like masada/BoA titles - actually two of them ("uluwati" and "raksasa") are pieces which appear on the album *the dreamers* and the pieces on this rip bear no resemblance. on the other hand, the personnel seems to be correct, bailey is immediately identifiable (as are dresser and mori, just from a quick listen). the track lengths are identical to the published track list on wiki, just the titles are different - but the official list has only eight pieces, whereas the rip has nine, although the last piece would seem to be from the same sessions. it's safe to say i'm pretty confused. have you any idea what is going on here?? do you have a physical copy of the cd with a tracklist on it? i'd be grateful for any help...

... in any case, thanks again for what you did here...

birasblog ha detto...

excelente gostei!

Principesa ha detto...

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I MIEI BLOG ha detto...

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an muti ha detto...

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blogueiro FAIL ha detto...

the fact that all links r down makes me sad