lunedì 29 dicembre 2008

Masada: Live at Tonic (2001)

Recorded at Tonic live club, New York
You can always expect the unexpected to happen at a Masada concert, but when Masada plays at its home base Tonic, in the heart of New York’s Lower East Side everything just shoots right off the scale. One of the most exciting live bands performing two of their most incredible live sets ever to an electrically charged packed house at the most important new club for new music in the world. Nights like this are what New York is all about. One magical evening on two CDs - over two hours of music.

Disc 1 (61:05)
1. Karaim
2. Ner Tamid
3. Acharei Mot
4. Kisofim
5. Jachin
6. Malkhut
7. Nashim

Disc 2 (79:39)
1. Lilin
2. Khebar
3. Galshan
4. Malkhut
5. Shevet
6. Shamor
7. Acharei Mot
8. Kisofim
9. Shechem

Total Time: 140:44

- John Zorn / saxophone
- Joey Baron / drums
- Greg Cohen / bass
- Dave Douglas / trumpet


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